Where To Find Disneyland-Like Treats In California

Treats from House of Chimney Cakes in Anaheim California.

Disneyland has been having the longest-ever closure in its history. The park is expected to reopen soon, but we do not quite know when it would happen. More than just the parades and rides, many people miss the iconic Disneyland treats. These are the products with better tastes that you could only find at the park.

For some time last year, the Disney California Adventure Park opened again; then, Disney patrons could access the popular corn dogs and turkey legs of the park. However, the coronavirus pandemic has meant that it could not reopen like just another park for even the reduced capacity would see a fairly big crowd there.

That does not mean that you could not have products similar to Disneyland’s treats. California has several places where similar food items are available to customers. Here are some of those places to have your fill of Disney-like treats.

Mr. Churro On Olvera Street

Churros are among the main food items at Disneyland. While you may find a cookie shaped like a Mickey Mouse from a Walt Disney World stall, churros are unavailable there. At least, you could not find a fine churro there. Epcot has a place in which you can find sad churro pieces, but you do not want to go down that road.

Many people start their Disneyland trips with churro breakfasts as it would make them feel happy. The sugar and cinnamon snacks at Mr. Churro situated on this street in Los Angeles are slightly doughier as compared to Disneyland’s versions. Anyhow, those are fresh and hot with the appropriate levels of spice and sugar. Go for the caramel-filled option to devour a product that is closer to the embellished seasonal churros at Disneyland. Even for churro purists, the caramel product is the tastier option.

Hula Girls Shave Ice On Bolsa Chica Street

Two past members of Disneyland’s team started this store, so you can rest assured that you would be competently served here. Its pineapple snack Dole Whip is the best recreation of the Disneyland treat of the same name. That is quite something, especially if you consider the fact that there are several Disneyland-like Dole Whip products. Different from almost every other copy, this store’s version is suitable for vegans.

Go for its Dole Whip Float, a product containing pineapple elements, if you want an item that is as much similar to the Disneyland version as possible. On Halloween day, the store at Huntington Beach also offers Disney-inspired products such as Dole Whip sundaes with chocolate, plus Baby Yoga sundaes.

Handy’s Smoked Meats On Long Beach Boulevard

Finding large turkey legs in a smoked form beyond Disneyland may be slightly tricky, but this place serves the product each day. Anyhow, there is a catch: the turkey legs are so popular here that it tends to get sold out. Therefore, you should contact the store to know whether it is available there. The chef of the restaurant uses his family cooking methods, as well as sauces and rubs as ingredients for Southern California-meets-Los Angeles, smoked ribs, sausages, briskets, and fish.

Myungrang Hot Dog On South Western Avenue

According to many people, Disneyland offers the best corn dogs in the world. You can find the nigh-identical versions of those at this restaurant in Los Angeles. It is situated at the third level of a shopping center in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The extremely popular hot dog chain offers sausages, occasionally covered in potato cubes. Go for the mozzarella corn dog with potatoes, and you would think positively about its taste and quality.

El Capitan Theatre On Hollywood Boulevard

Mickey Mouse pretzels are standard hot pretzels except for the difference in shape. Anyhow, the notion that all products taste better with Mickey Mouse shape applies to these carbohydrate-rich items, particularly with cheese. The Disney Theater in Los Angeles has been premiering Disney films since the early 1990s. The concession stand in it serves Disneyland food items. In the epidemic, the theater opens on some weekends to offer Mickey Mouse pretzels.

Just check the Instagram page of the theater to find when it would serve the snacks. For the moment, the theater offers buckets of Disneyland popcorn, usually available in the park, plus seasonal Mickey Mouse face masks.

Sugar Babies Bake Shop On Fulton Avenue

If you are a Disneyland food devotee, you would be interested in noticing the seasonal sweet food items change. After all, that is among the most interesting aspects of becoming the Disney connoisseur. Sometimes, you would be fortunate to be there when it offers a special product, such as a surprise-release birthday cake.

This bakery in Los Angeles’s Sherman Oaks neighborhood creates cake pops with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie and many other character themes, Disney cakes, and crispy cereal treats with mouse shapes.

Strong Water On Clementine Street

It is magical to be in Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar for drinking its Tiki beverages when an enchanting volcano erupts there and a big ship sinks over it. However, the bar at the Disneyland Hotel’s court is still not open to the public. So, Anaheim’s Strong Water is your next best option to satisfy the desire for that Disney experience.

There is that same enchanting vibe, a detailed backstory to each cocktail, plus artist-designed tiki mugs at this tiki bar in Anaheim. So, in spite of it lacking the special effects you could find at the Disneyland location, it is still worth a visit. It also delivers cocktails to local locations in this epidemic period.

House of Chimney Cakes In Anaheim

Disney World’s bakery situated in Epcot World Showcase’s Norway pavilion is known for its chimney cakes. So, while it may not be a Disneyland product, it is connected to Disney World.

This bakery in Anaheim has that European treat with a gourmet spin on it, with matcha powder, Louis Vuitton chocolate and fancy cookies used as additives. The bakery offers many different Mickey Mouse-inspired chimney cakes filled with ice cream as its rotating specials.