California Still Requires Fully Vaccinated Individuals To Wear Masks

Los Angeles vaccinated mask policy.

The state will not support the latest mask guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That means fully vaccinated individuals will need to use face masks when indoors up to June 15, 2021.


California Governor Gavin Newsom targets a full reopening of the state economy on that date. The weeks that precede the date would offer business enterprises time to be ready for the upcoming regulatory changes.


Up to June 15, 2021, California would implement its existing guidance about face masks, said CHHS in a recent statement. The four-week-long period before it would offer natives time to gear up for the change, while CHHS keeps focusing relentlessly on delivering coronavirus vaccines, especially in underserved areas.


On May 13, 2021, the US CDC announced that it is still safe for completely vaccinated individuals to wear face masks in almost every indoor setting. The mask suggestions do not apply to public places with dense populations, like government hospitals and public transportation.

Fully vaccinated individuals could start to do what they had discontinued doing due to this epidemic, said the CDC’s Rochelle Walensky in a recent White House press briefing. Everyone has desired for that moment in which they could return to a sense of being normal, said Rochelle.

Walensky acknowledged common people’s confusion about the CDC announcement before clarifying that it was not a consent to discard masks for everyone at all places.

The state relaxed its face mask regulations to let vaccinated people be without masks in indoor gatherings and outdoor environments with other such people. Anyhow, the regulations will not be applicable for government indoor settings until mid-June.

While the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is yet to address the mask announcement of CHHS, LA recently said that it could not make regulations stricter than what California allows.